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This site contains fictional depictions of nudity, violence, and death in movies and TV.

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Welcome to Cinemagore! I’m your host, Nyghtfall3D.

Have you ever been watching a movie or TV show and heard ominous music telling you someone’s about to die? You’re sitting there watching what may be the best death scene you’ve seen in a long time, and just when the action peaks, WHAM! The camera cuts away to some completely irrelevant scene!

That’s where this site comes in.

Cinemagore spotlights my favorite death scenes in movies and TV with scene descriptions and commentary written by me, and four carefully selected screenshots of every scene. You won’t find any camera cuts here because I remove every irrelevant scene from every clip I edit. All clips are my own edits and in full HD MP4 format to ensure consistent quality throughout my collection.


I post clips when I see something I like well enough to add to my collection.


Cinemagore is privately owned and maintained solely by me. It is strictly a labor of love, a medium through which to share my fantasy death fetish with you. There are no YouTube or file sharing links here. I pay all maintenance costs out of my own pocket. As such, access to the site and all of its content is absolutely free of charge. No subscriptions, no advertising, and no download restrictions.


All multimedia featured here are the sole property of their respective owners. If you find content that belongs to you and want it removed, please contact me with proof of ownership and I will gladly comply.