8 More New Clips, Vacation Plans

8 more clips from 6 titles are online:

60 Seconds to Die 3 – Hanged
Death Row – Hanged and then Bisected
Mirrors 2 (Unrated) – Decapitated
Open House – Scene 1: Electrocuted / Scene 2: Hanged
Psychos in Love – Scene 1: Hanged / Scene 2: Strangled
Rizzoli & Isles S05E12: “Burdon of Proof” – Suffocated

I’m going to be on a week-long vacation starting Saturday evening. I’m a homebody and won’t be going anywhere, but I have decided to take advantage of the free time to push through the final batch of my MP4’s so I can focus on other interests. I plan on completing this project by Monday night.