60 Seconds to Die 3

Actor: Unknown

A panicked woman is reading a bible when she gets on the floor and cautiously approaches her music box. A moment later, an unseen force grabs her necklace and hangs her with it.

60 Seconds to Die 3 is the third installment of a collection of 1-minute-long death scenes by various directors. This is the second scene in this collection and the only one I liked.

I’m including two versions of this clip. You can decide which one you like more. The first version is the full scene. It’s my least favorite because there’s a brief shot of her struggling with her necklace that’s devoid of any tension in her performance. It’s like the director got so focused on pulling off the effect of inverting her necklace that he forgot to remind her to keep acting like she’s in fear for her life, so she’s just casually picking at it while looking mildly concerned. Consequently, I removed that shot from the edited version. Comparitively speaking, her initial reaction upon being yanked up (pictured bottom-left) is superb. I wish she’d maintained that level of tension during the closeup on her struggle.