A Bay of Blood


Unknown actress and her lover are impaled with a spear while making love.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – Partially visible side boob during sex and slow death squirm.


This scene is identical to the impaling in Friday the 13th: Part 2, but with the girl on top, and a helluva lot more graphic. This is what we would’ve gotten to see had the MPAA not ordered most of Friday‘s scene removed.

On one hand, I would’ve rather seen this girl’s expression while she died. On the other, I’m glad we got to see her backside (and a pinch of side boob) instead of the guy’s. In that respect, comparatively speaking, I think this is the better scene.

Fun fact: Bay of Blood came out 10 years before Friday. It was once believed that Blood‘s scene inspired Friday‘s scene because the similarities between the two are so striking. Friday‘s filmmakers countered that rumor during an interview, insisting they had never seen Blood.