I was born in 1971. I’ve been married since 1994. I make my living as a Customer Service Rep for a call center. My wife is permanently disabled. We are child-free by choice.


I’m a fantasy death fetishist. That means I enjoy watching consenting adults role-play fantasy death scenes.

My fetish dates back to my youth. Thanks to relatively liberal parents and a neighborhood friend’s mom, I got to see a lot of Horror movies by the time I was thirteen, starting with The Exorcist at age ten. By fifteen, I was bored with their formulaic plots, particularly slasher flicks. They weren’t scary anymore, so I started watching them to see how many different ways filmmakers could kill off a bunch of stupid coeds. In other words, like most Horror fans today, I started rooting for the villains.

I joined the ‘net in 1994. Three years later I discovered a website called Necrobabes and learned I’m not the only one who likes watching people play dead. I’ve been a highly active member of the community ever since and collected a wide range content.

Cinemagore is one way I give back. I also create original fetish-themed 3D art and share my work through my portfolio at

Video Editing

I’ve been editing clips since 1999. I was tired of seeing great death scenes interrupted by camera cuts to build suspense. I longed to be able to record them and remove the cuts but didn’t have the tools needed to do anything with my PC. I spent most of that September experimenting with different capture and editing solutions before building a setup that let me do what I wanted.

The Past: Cinemasphyxia

Brigitte Bako’s strangling in 1995’s Strange Days was my first edit with my new gear. I put it on a Necrobabes message board to gauge interest in my new hobby and was inundated with requests for more scenes. I built a clip site in October 1999, renamed it Cinemasphyxia a year later, and ran it off and on for nineteen years before closing it in 2018.

Back then I was trying to offer a one-stop source for every asphyx scene I could get my hands on, fatal and non-fatal alike, whether I liked them or not. Unfortunately, bandwidth-related technical issues prompted a massive overhaul and the removal of most of my content in March 2018. Coupled with my growing frustration about the lack of good material to edit – I’m quite finicky and was tired of posting scenes I didn’t like – I lost interest a few months later and closed the site in June that year to focus on my 3D art.

The Present: Cinemagore

I’ve been proudly producing original content as a 3D artist since 2009, but I still love editing and sharing clips. Having learned from my past, I built Cinemagore to share a wider variety of death scenes while limiting content to my favorite ones.

Site Authoring

Cinemagore is powered by WordPress, an open-source blogging tool and content management system.

System Specs

My workstation is a liquid-cooled AMD Ryzen 9 5900X running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit with 64 GB of RAM. An RTX 3090 graphics card renders my clips and powers my 32″ 4K display. My workflow includes MovAVI, DaVinci Resolve, and ACDSee.