Blade Runner 2049

Actor: Sylvia Hoeks

Sylvia has captured Harrison Ford’s character and is taking him “home”. During the trip, they’re shot down by Ryan Gosling and crash land in what looks like a concrete reservoir. A relatively long fight ensues and ends with Ryan drowning Sylvia.

I remember seeing the original Blade Runner and how captivated I was with the film score. As a fan of down-tempo electronic music, the movie’s score is one of my favorite things about it. As an architectural buff with a particular fondness for contemporary design, the set pieces are another. 2049 promised more of the same, and its 21st-century visual effects did not disappoint.

There were a couple points in the scene that I considered removing so we get to the moment K starts choking Sylvia sooner, but both options left out too much context to explain their encounter, so I decided to include the entire scene and end the clip on Sylvia’s death stare. The score also just so damn cool.