Bloody Birthday

Actor: Erica Hope

Erica and her boyfriend are making out in a cemetery of all places. After playing a faux game of “Ambulance” on her thigh, he caresses her right breast as they kiss Moments later, they leave the tree they were sitting under and climb into an empty nearby grave. We’re treated to her fully exposed chest as the continue kissing at the bottom before someone off-camera pours dirt over them. Annoyed by the interruption, her boyfriend threatens to kick their ass, gets up, and is temporarily knocked out with a shovel. Startled by the attack, Erica stands up and is lassoed with a jump rope.

What follows is is a fantastic hanging featuring two excellent foot shots and a closeup of the rope tightened around her neck as she struggles to breath. For the cherry on top, we see her expression go lax as she succumbs to the rope and her hands fall away to her sides. We get one final shot of her excellent death stare before her boyfriend tries in vain to save her. He’s killed with two more whacks of the shovel and their corpses collapse to the ground. The scene and clip end with a closeup of one of the jump rope’s handles coming off in Erica’s hand as the rope is pulled back up.

I remember the first time I saw this on VHS back in the 80s. I nearly wore the tape out playing this scene and it’s still one of my favorites.

Fetish Elements

Nudity: We see her right breast during a faux game of “Ambulance” under a tree, and then her fully exposed breasts when they move to the empty grave. Her shirt is buttoned back up prior to the attack.