Hatchet II


Alexis Kendra gets an axe in her vagina and breastbone.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – Her top falls down when she’s attacked and she remains topless for the rest of the scene.


There’s a cut back to the hunting party after she and her old school crush decide to fuck. I removed it.


I never fully watched the movies but I got the impression while skimming for content that Hatchet was trying to help make up for a lot of Friday the 13th‘s failings in the gore department. It succeeded in spades, and this scene was absolutely brilliant.

First, the guy gets his head chopped off mid-coitus, making his corpse rapidly pound Alexis for a few seconds. This excites Alexis until he stops. She turns to ask why he stopped, discovers his head missing, screams, and tries to crawl away. Crowlely swings his axe into her vagina, and then buries it between her breasts when she sits up in agony from the first strike. Not to be outdone by the headless pounding, we get an equally hilarious (and incredibly hot) moment where Crowley struggles to remove his axe from her breastbone once she’s dead. He finally succeeds and the scene ends with her blood being splattered on a tree.

I have never seen a more gloriously brutal axe kill, and I seriously doubt I ever will.