Hatchet II

Actor: Alexis Kendra

Alexis and a guy she’s teamed with to help look for a killer named Victor Crowley in the woods discovers they had a mutual crush on each other in school, so they head off to a secluded spot to fuck. He gets his head chopped off while they’re doing it doggy style and his corpse goes into a brief spasm. She turns to ask why he stopped, finds his head gone, freaks, and tries to crawl away. She gets an axe to her groin in the process, sits up in agony, and is finished off with the same axe to her chest. We get a terrific shot of her breasts while Victor struggles to remove the axe from her sternum. The scene and clip end with blood spatter on a tree when he finally yanks the axe out.

Never seen a topless axe kill before and doubt I ever will again. Thankfully, it’s one helluva good one.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – Her breasts are exposed by her shirt which remains open for the rest of the scene from the moment they’re shown fucking.


The scene cuts elsewhere before showing them fucking. I removed the cuts.