Blind Man


Elsa Kikoïne is lassoed with a wire and hanged from her apartment’s second-floor balcony.


My favorite types of scenarios involve smartly dressed career women i peril. I’m also a foot fetishist. Put the two together and you can understand why this scene absolutely rocked my world. The hanging is a method I’ve fantasized about for as long as I can remember. It has everything I’ve ever imagined about this type of scene:

  • Surprise attack from above by unseen killer
  • Thin ligature so protagonist can’t pull herself up
  • Reaction shot right before she’s pulled up off the floor
  • Hands clawing at the ligature throughout the attack.
  • Plenty of foot shots

It’s as if the filmmakers read my mind and shot exactly the kind hanging I’ve dreamed of all my life.


After the agent who drove her home leaves her apartment, he summons the elevator. The killer takes advantage of the noise to attack Elsa. While she’s struggling, the camera cuts to the agent trying to passively listen in from the other side of her door after thinking he heard something. I removed all four cuts.