House on Sorority Row

Actor: Jodi Draigie

Jodi returns home from a night out and changes into her negligee, giving us a nice view of her breasts in the process. She goes outside, finds a Jack-in-the-Box, and is impaled from behind after it pops open.

Great close-up on her shocked expression.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – Jodi is briefly topless while changing into her negligee.

Silent Night, Deadly Night

Actor: Linnea Quigely

The clip opens with Linnea making out with her boyfriend on a pool table in a basement when the little girl she’s babysitting hollers from upstairs that she can’t sleep. After coaxing her back to bed, they resume their nookie only to be interrupted again by the cat meowing to be let back inside. She scampers upstairs and is attacked by the killer Santa. He throws his axe at her, misses, but manages to subdue her when she tries to escape. He sees a deer head on the wall and slowly impales her on its antlers. The clip ends with her boyfriend finding her corpse.

Linnea’s performance in this scene is utterly magnifique. The first time I saw it, I was completely wide-eyed with awe and disbelief. I was awed by her pained expressions and couldn’t believe the filmmakers got away with shooting a topless impaling. Granted, it’s obvious they used a cast of her torso for the shots of the antlers emerging from her abdomen, but part of that cast included her breasts, and the entire sequence is still absolutely beautiful to watch. I saw the entire flick on home video back in the 80s and I have yet to see this scene’s equal.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – Linnea removes her top during while making out and remains topless for the rest of the scene.


I removed the little girl’s side of her conversation with Linnea.

Freddy vs Jason

Actor: Odessa Monroe

Odessa plays the first victim following the opening credits. Standing near a dock, she calls out for her boyfriend but gets no response. She briefly flashes her tits, still no response. Disappointed, she strips down to her birthday suit and takes a running jump into the lake.

Moments later, something back on shore freaks her out. She hastily climbs back out of the water, puts her shirt back on, and sees Jason in the distance. She runs into the woods, trips, and is eventually found after backing into a tree. Jason deftly impales her with his machete, lifting her off the ground in the process. We’re then treated to a really nice closeup of her dangling feet as blood drips down on top of them.

In the movie, the scene is revealed to be a dream Jason is having that Freddy has taken control of to goad him into going on another killing spree. Being a foot fetishist, my clip ends on the closeup of Odessa’s feet.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – Brief shot of her breasts when she flashes herself at start of clip, but her top is closed when she’s attacked and impaled.

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

Actor: Michelle Clunie

Jason is destroyed during the opening in this sequel and his spirit is making people it possesses do his bidding.

Michelle’s death is the second one in the movie after her friend is killed off-screen and shown nailed to a tree earlier. In this scene, Michelle and her lover enjoy a brief bit of foreplay while undressing and then start fucking. She starts on the bottom, they roll over, and then she literally gives him the ride of her life.

As she approaches orgasm, Jason’s current host impales her from outside the tent using some kind of long metal pole. She screams, coughs blood, and then the pole is yanked up straight up through her torso, cutting her in half. We’re given a brief reaction shot from her panicked, blood-spattered lover and then he’s dispatched off-screen. The scene ends with the host confidently leaving the camp.

I think this is, hands down, the best death in the movie. The theatrical version didn’t show her being impaled or her torso as the pole was pulled up through it so I was quite excited when the unrated version was released. I did, however, notice something after repeated viewing and a slow-motion playthrough: Her prosthetic body was pre-cut. Knowing that doesn’t diminish the effect even years later, or the scene’s entertainment value, but it was comically fascinating to learn.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – Her boyfriend removes her top and underwear during foreplay. She remains naked for the duration of the scene.

Crawlspace (1986)

Actor: Sherry Buchanan

Klaus Kinski plays the demented son of a Nazi surgeon and runs a boobytrapped apartment house for women. In this scene, Sherry Buchanan discovers his secret, leaving him compelled to dispose of her. As she starts to turn and back away from him, he secretly activates a device that swings down and impales her from behind. The scene ends with an excellent wide shot of her suspended corpse.

Sherry’s performance was fantastic. She looks like a young housewife who stumbled onto something she wasn’t supposed to see, and her pained reaction to being impaled was absolutely beautiful.

Maniac (1980)

Actor: Kelly Piper

Kelly plays a Nurse who’s impaled in a public bathroom with a sword after thinking she lost the serial killer in a game of cat-and-mouse.

The clip starts with Kelly and a co-worker ending their shift at a Hospital. After making conversation, her co-worker is picked up by her ride and they part ways.

As Kelly is walking home, she hears the killer following her, freaks, and makes a run for somewhere to hide. She ends up in the subway’s bathroom, hiding a stall. The killer looks for her and leaves. Relieved, Kelly goes to the vanity to freshen up and finds the killer standing behind her after washing. The killer casually subdues her with one hand and impales her with the other.

The clip ends after she slowly dies while collapsing out of frame.


After Kelly’s co-worker leaves, there’s a long moment when the killer is shown watching her from across the street before she starts walking home. I removed it.

I removed the entire cat-and-mouse game because I thought it was needlessly long. The clip cuts straight from her co-worker leaving to Kelly coming out from hiding in the bathroom.

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

Actor: Tiffany Paulsen

This movie should’ve been called Jason Takes a Boat En Route to Manhattan because 3/4 of the movie takes place on a boat… en route… to Manhattan. I remember seeing the trailer the first time and thinking, “Ooh, socialites asphyxiated in evening gowns!” That’s what I was hoping for, anyway… alas, such was not to be. Thankfully, this scene made up for an otherwise shattered dream of Jason snuffing out New York’s rich and beautiful.

Tiffany meets a delightfully brutal end mostly off-screen. Her’s is the second death in the movie after Jason crashes her romantic evening with her lover on what looks like a luxury boat. He fires a speargun at his hand, pinning up to the wall of the bed and finishes him off-screen.

The clip starts with Jason emerging from the boat’s cabin after killing the boyfriend. We’re shown the girl stupidly hiding below a trap door. Moments later, Jason opens it and finds her cowering. She starts screaming, “No!” while he casually positions the spear he killed her boyfriend with. Cut to a closeup of her chest and the spear is rammed into it. The scene then cuts to a wide shot off the boat as Jason impales her off-screen. The scene ends with a shot of her corpse and a surprisingly nice death, following by Jason closing the door on her.

Actor: Kelly Hu

Kelly is trying to get away from Jason and takes refuge in the boat’s dance hall. Jason suddenly appears, and she begins frantically looking for an escape. Then, he appears to vanish. The camera follows her rapid look around the room. One final pivot, and it’s too late. Jason’s upon her and quickly grabs her throat. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I’m watching a movie in which someone’s about to get killed, I often scan the setting for anything the director might’ve decided to use to kill the character with, all the while getting my hopes up for an asphyxia-related death. When Jason grabbed Kelly’s throat, all I could think was, “Lift her up! Please lift her up!” as if trying to will how the scene played out. Sure enough, up she went, right up against the ceiling. The scene proved to be one of the best I’d seen in the entire franchise. Her performance was spot on. Once she’s dead, Jason just tosses her corpse onto the floor. I once read that was her getting tossed for real.

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

Actor: Lisa Freeman

Lisa’s scene is awesome, partly because I’ve always been a sucker for Nurses in peril.

In this scene, she’s picking up pieces of a broken jar when the lights go out. Tired and moody, she angrily shouts for her Doctor boyfriend to stop playing games and turn the lights back on. When nothing happens, she stands up, turns and is met with Jason’s hand around her throat. He drives her back against a wall, lifts her up, and then slices her stomach open with a knife. Her pain-filled screams are icing on the cake.


While she’s cleaning up the floor, the movie cuts to her boyfriend for his death scene. I removed it.

Actor: Judie Aronson

Judie Aronson strips, goes for a dip, and climbs into a nearby raft. She repeatedly hollers for Paul’s attention but gets no reply. Frustrated, she lays her head down. Moments later, she’s attacked by Jason who leaps out of the water and, in the same motion, pins her to the raft with one arm and impales her with the other. The scene ends while Judie screams in pain but we’re shown enough to make me happy.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – We see her breasts when she undresses in the woods but she’s lying face-down in the raft when she’s impaled.


I removed the part in the raft where she calls out for Paul a couple more times. It’s a pointless, annoying plot device because we know he’s nowhere around and that she’s going to die.

Friday the 13th: A New Beginning

Actor: Juliette Cummins

Juliette Cummins… My God what a gorgeous redhead… Her’s was the only decent death in the movie. When the Jason knock-off grabbed her neck from the bottom bunk, I seriously hoped he would strangle her to death. Then, he rammed his machete up through her and I thought, “Ok, that works, too.” And fuck me did she sell it with a hella good performance.

Unfortunately, we don’t get a wide shot of the blade coming up through her. I once read they couldn’t get the effect to look good so we only got a close-up of her reaction.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – Her breasts are prominently in view throughout the setup but are out of frame when she’s impaled. After the Jason knock-off pulls his machete back out, we can see Juliette’s right nipple during the last closeup of her face she dies.


In the movie, after climbing onto the top bunk and settling in for the night, she finds the corpse of the guy who asked her for sex a few scenes earlier. Like Traci Savage’s scene in Friday: Part III, that shot has always been a buzzkill so I removed it.

Friday the 13th: Part 3

Actor: Tracie Savage

Tracie is impaled from beneath a hammock after an evening of coitus and a hot shower. After asking her boyfriend for a beer, he’s cut in half from the crotch down while doing a handstand down the hallway. Once in the hammock, she starts reading an issue of Fangoria and drops of blood fall onto the pages. She looks up, sees her boyfriend’s severed corpse lying atop the rafters, and Jason impales her from below.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – Her breasts can be seen a few times while showering but are covered by her robe when she’s impaled.


I edited out the boyfriend’s death. The shot of his corpse has always been a buzz-kill for me, so I removed it as well. All we’re left with is Tracie’s terrific performance.

The scene abruptly cuts elsewhere in the movie after Jason’s machete pierce’s her sternum, so I grabbed a copy of the last frame and added it to the end of the clip to extended it a few seconds.