Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood


An unknown actress is impaled against a tree with what looks like a tent spike.


There are two things I love most about this scene: The sound of her quickly muffled gasp when Jason grabs her, and her performance during the closeup on her eyes when she’s impaled. The progression from fear, to shock, pain, and finally death in the span of a few seconds is exquisite.

Incidentally, Part VII introduced Kane Hodder as Jason and this is the first death in the flick.


During the setup, the scene cuts to her boyfriend looking for a place to piss. I removed it.

I never noticed it before recording the scene, but in the movie, the actress can be seen trying to avoid blinking as Kane grabs the screwdriver, so I ended the clip on her reaction from being impaled. I then grabbed screenshots from the two shots of her corpse when her boyfriend returns and added them to the end.


Heidi Kozak Haddad is drowned in a lake after her boyfriend is axed on the shore.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – Side boob as she strips, full-frontal beneath the water as the camera approaches her from Jason’s POV, and another side boob as he pulls her down.


While she’s undressing, the scene repeatedly cuts to her boyfriend as he looks on in disbelief. I prefer watching her strip without having to see him, so I removed them.

I also removed every other cut to him from the point after they arrive on the beach, including his death scene.