Friday the 13th: Vengeance (Fan Film)


Laura Ellen Wilson gets her neck snapped while being drowned by Jason.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – She removes her clothes before she and the guy she hooked up with go in the lake and remains naked during the rest of the scene. We only see her breasts.


There’s a drawn-out sequence after she sends the guy back out into the woods to check a noise before he bites it. I removed the whole thing along with his death.


I sometimes scour YouTube for Halloween and Friday the 13th fan films because Michael and Jason are my two favorite mainstream Horror villains. Mind you, I never watch them, I only skim them for content. Most are garbage. I’ve only found a few in the last couple of years that really tickled my fancy. This is one of them. I would’ve preferred she’d been drowned but seeing her topless was a (rare) bonus, and I’m thankful we got to see her struggle a bit before he snapped her neck.