Sorority Row

Actor: Nikki Moore

Nikki is hiding in one of the shower stalls listening to a group of girls bicker over something. Once they leave, she hears a noise, wraps a towel around herself, and cautiously steps out to investigate. The killer grabs and yanks her into another stall, pins her against the wall with a handgag, and stabs her through the chin with a modified tire iron.

The best parts of this scene are the nekkid chicks, Nikki’s breasts, and her brief struggle with the killer.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – A shower full of nekkid chicks during the setup before Nikki is attacked, and Nikkie is briefly seen topless.


Unfortunately, the scene cuts right after she’s stabbed, so I grabbed a screenshot of the last frame to extended the shot a few more seconds.

House on Sorority Row

Actor: Jodi Draigie

Jodi returns home from a night out and changes into her negligee, giving us a nice view of her breasts in the process. She goes outside, finds a Jack-in-the-Box, and is impaled from behind after it pops open.

Great close-up on her shocked expression.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – Jodi is briefly topless while changing into her negligee.

Hatchet II

Actor: Alexis Kendra

Alexis and a guy she’s teamed with to help look for a killer named Victor Crowley in the woods discovers they had a mutual crush on each other in school, so they head off to a secluded spot to fuck. He gets his head chopped off while they’re doing it doggy style and his corpse goes into a brief spasm. She turns to ask why he stopped, finds his head gone, freaks, and tries to crawl away. She gets an axe to her groin in the process, sits up in agony, and is finished off with the same axe to her chest. We get a terrific shot of her breasts while Victor struggles to remove the axe from her sternum. The scene and clip end with blood spatter on a tree when he finally yanks the axe out.

Never seen a topless axe kill before and doubt I ever will again. Thankfully, it’s one helluva good one.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – Her breasts are exposed by her shirt which remains open for the rest of the scene from the moment they’re shown fucking.


The scene cuts elsewhere before showing them fucking. I removed the cuts.

Friday the 13th: Vengeance (Fan Film)

Actor: Laura Ellen Wilson

Lauren is enjoying a campfire when a guy she’s sitting next to proposes they go someplace private. Later, strip and go skinny dipping. She hears a noise while they’re enjoying a soak and she makes him go check it out. A couple scenes later, Jason jumps out from under the water behind her and submerges her. We get couple of really nice shots of her struggling before he breaks her neck. The scene and clip end with her floating corpse still submerged.

Nights Before Christmas, The

Actor: Anne-Carolyne Binette

Anne returns home and is greeted by a flashlight in her face. She thinks her boyfriend is being obnoxious so she surprises him with a striptease. She’s annoyed by his lack of response afterward, at which point a woman dressed as a spunky Mrs. Santa points the light at herself and Anne’s boyfriend to reveal that he’s dead. She turns to leave and is throat-lifted by Mr. Santa. After taunting her with a word game, he bites a chunk of her neck off and she bleeds to death.

I can’t remember the last time I saw a topless throat-lift in a mainstream production and this one was a real treat. I only wish she’d been strangled instead of mauled, but I’ll take what I can get.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – She’s topless after removing her coat and remains topless for the rest of the scene.

Silent Night, Deadly Night

Actor: Linnea Quigely

The clip opens with Linnea making out with her boyfriend on a pool table in a basement when the little girl she’s babysitting hollers from upstairs that she can’t sleep. After coaxing her back to bed, they resume their nookie only to be interrupted again by the cat meowing to be let back inside. She scampers upstairs and is attacked by the killer Santa. He throws his axe at her, misses, but manages to subdue her when she tries to escape. He sees a deer head on the wall and slowly impales her on its antlers. The clip ends with her boyfriend finding her corpse.

Linnea’s performance in this scene is utterly magnifique. The first time I saw it, I was completely wide-eyed with awe and disbelief. I was awed by her pained expressions and couldn’t believe the filmmakers got away with shooting a topless impaling. Granted, it’s obvious they used a cast of her torso for the shots of the antlers emerging from her abdomen, but part of that cast included her breasts, and the entire sequence is still absolutely beautiful to watch. I saw the entire flick on home video back in the 80s and I have yet to see this scene’s equal.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – Linnea removes her top during while making out and remains topless for the rest of the scene.


I removed the little girl’s side of her conversation with Linnea.

Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

Actor: Unknown

Part VII introduced Kane Hodder as Jason and this is the first death in the flick. A couple of anonymous lovers (I couldn’t find the actress’s name) have, for whatever reason, decided to celebrate her boyfriend’s birthday with a late-night picnic on the outskirts of camp (We’re shown the camp’s sign as they walk past it). They stop near a tree and he goes on a bit further for a pee break. While she’s waiting for him to return, she’s taken by surprise as Jason handgags her from behind and forces her back against the tree. He then comes around front and pins her to the tree with what looks like a screwdriver (I can’t tell). When her boyfriend returns, it’s revealed that Jason shoved the weapon through her neck right up to its handle. We get a wide shot of her corpse and then a closeup of her death stare before Jason removes the weapon.

There are two things I love most about this scene: The sound of her quickly muffled gasp when Jason grabs her, and her performance during the closeup on her eyes when she’s impaled. The progression from fear, to shock, pain, and finally death in the span of a few seconds is exquisite.


During the setup, the scene cuts to her boyfriend looking for a place to piss. I removed it.

I never noticed it before recording the scene, but in the movie, the actress can be seen trying to avoid blinking as Kane grabs the screwdriver, so I ended the clip on her reaction from being impaled. I then grabbed screenshots from the two shots of her corpse when her boyfriend returns and added them to the end.

Actor: Heidi Kozak Haddad

Heidi tries to convince her boyfriend join her for a skinny dip. He reluctantly agrees after she strips and runs into the water. While she’s enjoying a brief dive, Jason kills the dude. When she resurfaces, she sees his corpse and freaks out. While she’s treading water, we’re treated to a really nice shot of her naked form from Jason’s point of view below the water as he swims up toward her. A moment later, he grabs her foot and we get a quick shot of her body while he pulls her under.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – Side boob when she strips and full frontal from under water as Jason swims up to her, followed by another side boob when he pulls her under.


While she’s undressing, the scene repeatedly cuts to her boyfriend as he looks on in disbelief. I prefer watching her strip without having to see him, so I removed them.

I also removed every other cut to him from the point after they arrive on the beach, including his death scene.

Freddy vs Jason

Actor: Odessa Monroe

Odessa plays the first victim following the opening credits. Standing near a dock, she calls out for her boyfriend but gets no response. She briefly flashes her tits, still no response. Disappointed, she strips down to her birthday suit and takes a running jump into the lake.

Moments later, something back on shore freaks her out. She hastily climbs back out of the water, puts her shirt back on, and sees Jason in the distance. She runs into the woods, trips, and is eventually found after backing into a tree. Jason deftly impales her with his machete, lifting her off the ground in the process. We’re then treated to a really nice closeup of her dangling feet as blood drips down on top of them.

In the movie, the scene is revealed to be a dream Jason is having that Freddy has taken control of to goad him into going on another killing spree. Being a foot fetishist, my clip ends on the closeup of Odessa’s feet.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – Brief shot of her breasts when she flashes herself at start of clip, but her top is closed when she’s attacked and impaled.

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

Actor: Michelle Clunie

Jason is destroyed during the opening in this sequel and his spirit is making people it possesses do his bidding.

Michelle’s death is the second one in the movie after her friend is killed off-screen and shown nailed to a tree earlier. In this scene, Michelle and her lover enjoy a brief bit of foreplay while undressing and then start fucking. She starts on the bottom, they roll over, and then she literally gives him the ride of her life.

As she approaches orgasm, Jason’s current host impales her from outside the tent using some kind of long metal pole. She screams, coughs blood, and then the pole is yanked up straight up through her torso, cutting her in half. We’re given a brief reaction shot from her panicked, blood-spattered lover and then he’s dispatched off-screen. The scene ends with the host confidently leaving the camp.

I think this is, hands down, the best death in the movie. The theatrical version didn’t show her being impaled or her torso as the pole was pulled up through it so I was quite excited when the unrated version was released. I did, however, notice something after repeated viewing and a slow-motion playthrough: Her prosthetic body was pre-cut. Knowing that doesn’t diminish the effect even years later, or the scene’s entertainment value, but it was comically fascinating to learn.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – Her boyfriend removes her top and underwear during foreplay. She remains naked for the duration of the scene.

Friday the 13th (2009)

Actor: Willa Ford

Willa is wakeboarding while her boyfriend drives the boat. After the ride ends, she doesn’t see Jason shoot him with an arrow and is hit by the now-driverless boat while expressing how much fun she had. The clip starts from a point where she’s recovering from the impact. She sees Jason watching her from shore and readying his machete. She freaks and swims away. Moments later, she quietly emerges from the water beneath a dock. Jason is pacing above her, looking around. When it appears he’s given up, she relaxes. Then, his machete swiftly pierces the top of her head and hoists her up, giving us a fantastic shot of her breasts. A few seconds later, blood runs down her shoulder, Jason removes his weapon, and Willa’s body sinks back under water.

When this franchise reboot was being marketed, there was one scene I was curious about, and that was Julianna Guill’s rumored hand-over-mouth suffocation. What was actually filmed was nothing more than a firm hand-gagging before Jason decided to hastily shove her up against a pair of deer antlers someone fashioned into a coat rack. It was one of the movie’s weakest deaths and a big disappointment for me as an asphyxia fetishist. Thankfully, Willa’s scene made up for it and made the gore hound in me very happy, making it my last favorite death scene in the entire Friday franchise.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – Full frontal nudity when she swims for shore and exposed breasts when Jason stabs her in the head.


There’s a cut to a scene with a couple of the movie’s main characters babbling. I removed it.