Die Watching


Melanie Good is suffocated with duct tape after being lured to a fake audition.


The first time I saw this was on VHS in the 90s. The box cover featured a stylized three-picture collage of Melanie taped to the chair, so I rented a copy hoping for the best and was not disappointed. While she was suffocating, I remember thinking, “This is way too graphic. They’re going to cut away any moment now.” As it progressed, my eyes widened and my heart started racing. By the time she was dead, my jaw was on the floor. I could not believe how good it was, and it still holds up today. There are two other asphyxia scenes in the movie – a bagging and a ligature strangling – but this scene has always been my favorite.

Fetish Elements

Nudity: She rips open her leotard during a dance routine and remains topless for the rest of the scene.