Cohasset Snuff Film, The

Actor: Unknown

This is a documentary-style direct-to-video flick that includes found-footage style murders. It’s about a sexually rejected kid who decides to go on a rampage and film his exploits.

Unfortunately, this is the movie’s only good death scene but the actress’s performance (and her fantastic rack!) are well worth it.

The first part of the clip introduces his girlfriend – a character named Eric who, for some reason, isn’t listed in the credits on IMDb – as they’re having sex. He decides to try some breath play. She freaks, jumps out of bed giving us a beautiful full-frontal shot of her body, and storms out of her bedroom after ordering him out of her house.

Later in the movie – the second part of the clip – he sneaks into her house after watching her parents leave and plants his camera on a stand in her bedroom. The scene then cuts to the camera’s point of view. The girl enters her bedroom while wrapped in a towel, sees the camera, and is summarily attacked by her hiding boyfriend. Her towel immediately falls off and we’re treated to fully nude ligature strangling.

Once she’s dead, the found footage bit cuts to him doing a closeup pan down her body before zooming out. The scene and clip end with a blurred wide shot of her corpse.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – Her breasts are visible during first the part of the clip when she’s having missionary sex with her boyfriend, followed by full frontal nudity when she storms out of bed and leaves the room. During the lead up to her death scene, she’s wearing a towel which immediately falls off after she’s attacked, and she remains fully nude during the rest of the scene.