Die Watching

Actor: Melanie Good

Melanie Good is lured to a fake video shoot. After a five-minute interview, she’s asked if she can be sexy (this is where the clip starts). She asks the photographer if he has any music and a moment later we’re treated to one hell of a good striptease. When she rips open her top for the big finale, the photographer’s expression turns sinister and he slowly backs away off screen. Once the music ends, Melanie asks where he went and is quickly subdued.

The scene transitions and we next see her duct taped to a chair. The killer rolls a TV next to her, wraps a strip of tape around her head and seals her nose shut. For nearly thirty seconds we get an excellent performance and some beautiful closeups as Melanie struggles to breath and free herself. She succumbs to the inevitable and dies.

The first time I saw this was on VHS in the 90s. The box cover featured a stylized three-picture collage of Melanie taped to the chair, so I rented a copy hoping for the best and was not disappointed. While she was suffocating, I remember thinking, “This is way too graphic. They’re going to cut away any moment now.” As it progressed, my eyes widened and my heart started racing. By the time she was dead, my jaw was on the floor. I could not believe how good it was, and it still holds up today. There are two other asphyxia scenes in the movie – a bagging and a ligature strangling – but this scene has always been my favorite.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – She remains topless throughout the rest of the scene after ripping or body suit open during the last part of her dance routine.