Don’t Go in the House

Actor: Johanna Brushay

Johanna has reluctantly agreed to be given a ride home by a man who bought flowers from her shop earlier. He makes a pit stop at his place and invites her in while he pretends to check in on his mother. The clip opens when she’s finally been given permission to use his phone to call a taxi. As the other line is ringing, she’s knocked out with a small statue, stripped off-screen, and then chained in a room where she’s torched with a flame thrower.

This is, hands down, the single most delightfully brutal death by fire I have ever seen thanks to expertly crafted visual effects, Johanna’s fully naked body, and her fantastic performance throughout.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – Full frontal for the remainder of the scene after she’s knocked out.


While Johanna is struggling to free herself, the movie cuts a few times to the killer looking at a box containing the flame-retardant suit he acquired, a fashback to his childhood, and a door to a room. I removed all of them.