Friday the 13th: A New Beginning


Juliette Cummins is impaled from beneath her top bunk bed by the fake Jason.


Juliette Cummins… My God what a gorgeous redhead… Hers was the only decent death in the movie. When the Jason knock-off grabbed her neck from the bottom bunk, I seriously hoped he would strangle her to death. Then, he rammed his machete up through her and I thought, “Ok, that works, too.” And fuck me did she sell it with a hella good performance.

Sadly, we didn’t get a wide shot of the blade coming up through her chest. I once read they couldn’t get the effect to look good so we only got a close-up of her reaction.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – Topless after removing her robe while she’s getting ready for bed, followed by a brief glimpse of her breasts when the fake Jason grabs her throat, and then a partial nipple when she dies.


In the movie, after climbing into bed, she discovers the corpse of one of the campers who tried asking her for sex earlier that evening. She freaks, starts to climb out of bed, and that’s when the fake Jason attacks her. I removed the shot of the camper’s corpse because it’s a buzz kill for an otherwise spectacular scene.