Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

Actor: Lisa Freeman

Lisa’s scene is awesome, partly because I’ve always been a sucker for Nurses in peril.

In this scene, she’s picking up pieces of a broken jar when the lights go out. Tired and moody, she angrily shouts for her Doctor boyfriend to stop playing games and turn the lights back on. When nothing happens, she stands up, turns and is met with Jason’s hand around her throat. He drives her back against a wall, lifts her up, and then slices her stomach open with a knife. Her pain-filled screams are icing on the cake.


While she’s cleaning up the floor, the movie cuts to her boyfriend for his death scene. I removed it.

Actor: Judie Aronson

Judie Aronson strips, goes for a dip, and climbs into a nearby raft. She repeatedly hollers for Paul’s attention but gets no reply. Frustrated, she lays her head down. Moments later, she’s attacked by Jason who leaps out of the water and, in the same motion, pins her to the raft with one arm and impales her with the other. The scene ends while Judie screams in pain but we’re shown enough to make me happy.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – We see her breasts when she undresses in the woods but she’s lying face-down in the raft when she’s impaled.


I removed the part in the raft where she calls out for Paul a couple more times. It’s a pointless, annoying plot device because we know he’s nowhere around and that she’s going to die.