Girl House


Elysia Rotaru is suffocated with a dildo and tape after she and her lover’s webcam session is interrupted by the killer.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – After she and her boyfriend adjourn to her bedroom, she removes her top and remains topless for the rest of the scene.


I removed all of footage of the boyfriend getting his ass kicked after Alysia is dealt with, and the cuts to the girl working out next door. I added a frame grab of her finding Alysia’s body sprawled on the bed.

Later in the movie, the heroine examines various webcams on a monitor and zooms in on a shot of Elysia’s body as shown from the webcam on her night stand. As a bonus for the clip, I grabbed a frame from that shot and added it to the end of the clip.


Being a slasher flick, there are of course a few more death scenes but this one is my favorite. Elysia’s performance and panic-stricken expression are fantastic. She’s also drop-dead gorgeous and dies topless.