Halloween Night (Fan Film)


Erin Wasmund is stabbed in the back and lifted off the ground as a possible homage to 1981’s Halloween II.

It’s Halloween night and Michael Myers is back in Haddonfield after a long absence in this hour-long, crowd-funded fan flick that was released on YouTube on July 2, 2020. I had the enormous fortune of learning about it four days after its release.

There are two on-screen stabbings but this one is, hands down, the best and my favorite. The other one is a cliche, drawn-out cat-and-mouse affair that did nothing for me.

In this scene, an indie actress named Erin Wasmund plays Tracy who is is ready for a Halloween party when she gets a call from a friend who needs her to read lines for an audition. Erin declines and then answers the door to some trick-or-treaters. After serving them, she heads for the garage while calling out to her man. When he doesn’t answer, she turns around with a worried look. Michael appears behind her and swiftly stabs her in the back. Erin’s performance at that moment is insanely hot as she is taken completely by surprise with a fantastic look of shock and briefly gasps in pain. Much to my very pleasant surprise, she’s kept standing, and is lifted as the camera cuts to a wide shot looking in through a nearby window. Unable to do much else, Erin raises her arms to waist level before Michael yanks the knife out and she collapses out of frame.


Erin’s performance, combined with her classic European beauty, make this a can’t-miss scene for fans of Michael Myers.


I removed the trick-or-treators.