Honourable Woman, The S01E08: “The Paring Knife”


Eve Best is hanged against a wood plank held upright by a group of Hitmen after they quietly slipped it under her while she slept.


Words cannot express how fucking genius I think this hanging method is. It is so completely far removed from any conceivable idea I’ve ever had for the kind of hanging I would want to see that I am compelled to bask in its creative glory. What’s more, there are no camera cuts.

Hanging fans, if you’re as tired of traditional drop-hangings as I am, and also share my opinion that nooses are terribly cliche, then you do not want to pass on this.


In the episode, there’s a glaring closeup of a male reporter’s mouth on a TV screen as he offers his final comments about the nightly news right after Eve dies. I replaced the shot of his mouth with a black overlay, so we only hear him.

As a bonus, I added a screenshot of Eve’s corpse hanging from her hotel room door.