Killer Movie

Actress: Ciya Batten

After talking to another character about a film production issue, Ciya Batten leaves and briskly walks down the hallway of the school they’re shooting in. She finds something on the floor in front of a maintenance door and examines it. Realizing it belongs to someone she’s looking for, she enters the room and finds an entire makeshift control booth with monitors set up showing views from various security cameras. As she watches playback of some footage, she starts thinking it’s a practical joke by a reality TV show she thought was canceled, and calls out to the host with a laugh. She gets no response, and suddenly realizes she’s now watching someone being murdered. Humor turns to horror, and she keeps watching as the killer sneaks up behind her with a chain.

The killer deftly slips the chain over her head and starts pulling her back toward a pulley affixed to the ceiling. He gives the chain several good yanks, pulling Ciya up in the process. At this point, we’re treated to an excellent closeup of her stiletto-clad feet kicking furiously as she’s lifted high above the floor. The camera stays on her feet during the rest of the hanging. Then, Ciya exhales one last gasp before dying, and her lifeless feet quickly come to rest. The killer checks the rigging and, satisfied Ciya is dead, leaves her body to be found later. The scene ends with an equally great, full-body shot of her corpse.


My favorite types of scenarios involve professional women in peril. I’m also a foot fetishist. Put the two together and you can understand why this scene absolutely rocked my world.