Actor: Dicken Ashworth

Dicken and two of his comrads find themselves trapped in a room of spikes that extend from the walls. Once they stop, Dicken tries to retrieve his dagger, only to be impaled for his effort.

I remember when Krull came out. I could not get enough of Lysette Anthony, and the glaive Ken Marshall used against “the beast” was the coolest looking weapon I had ever seen next to the lightsabers in Star Wars.

Thanks to a thrilling story, the anticipation of Lysette’s scenes and seeing the glaive in action drove to me watch this flick countless times in my youth. The death scenes were something else, but this one helped cement my lifelong fondness for impalings. The slower, the better, unless someone’s being pinned to a wall (wink). I love watching characters gasp helplessly in pain as they are completely run through. Dicken’s performance here is spectacular.