Laser Moon

Actress: Donna Larget

Donna plays a gorgeous blonde who slips into something comfortable for the night and goes downstairs to relax on her couch while a radio talk show host offers tips on how to stay safe at home. Meanwhile, a serial killer is breaking into her home. I removed all of the cuts to the talk show host.

Moments later, she’s jolted from her brief slumber and killed with a pen laser to her temple. We’re treated to a couple of really nice foot shots as she dies.

The killer then finds her perfume sitting on the coffee table, slowly spritzes his fingers and rubs it on her lower neck. The clip ends there, but in the movie he slowly and dramatically treats himself to a grape before leaving the scene of his crime.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – Her breasts are visible during a wide shot from outside her bedroom window as she’s changing outfits during the first part of the scene, but she puts a shirt on and buttons it up. They aren’t visible when she’s killed.


There are three cuts to the radio station a late-night DJ Donna is listening to is broadcasting from. I removed them all. There’s also an extremely quick flash of a photo of Donna at the moment she’s attacked. It’s a photo of her death stare and appears to be lying in photo processing fluid in the killer’s dark room. It’s a jarring effect so I removed it as well, but the killer now looks like he’s got a lightning fast arm when he strikes. I’d rather see a fast arm than split-second-long flash of a photo.