Clip Update, New Plugin

Clip Update

There are 23 clips back online as of this morning, including all of my favorite scenes from the Friday the 13th franchise.

New Plugin

I found an excellent plugin I’m using to provide at-a-glance information on the Title indices. They include the number of clips per title, type of death (Category), and Fetish Elements (Nudity, Throatlift):

This way you can view a condensed, alphabetical list of every title and still get an idea of what kind of content they include.

I’m on vacation this week and will continue posting more clips as time permits.

Back Online

A couple of personal issues going back two years prompted me to abruptly close the site a few months after launching it. I started sharing my clips through the domain again in January but restricted access to an adults-only message board I frequent called Femme Fatalities. Meanwhile, I’ve been using a barebones WordPress install to prevent directory browsing.

Thankfully, circumstances have improved, and I finally feel safe enough to re-build. There’s one title online as I write this:

American Gothic S01E20: “Strangler”

I’ll add more as time permits.

Thank you.