Night of the Comet

Actor: Kelli Maroney

Released in 1984, Night of the Comet was a quirky little flick made on a shoestring budget that starred Catherine Mary Stewart and Kelli Maroney as sisters. They and a small group of others are the only survivors of a comet that wipes out most of life on Earth.

In this scene, Kelli prepares to freshen up in a bathroom sink in a store they’re hiding out in. She undresses from her cheerleader uniform down to her white lace bra and underwear until she’s barefoot and is suddenly attacked by a humanoid creature wearing a motorcycle cop uniform. He grabs her, lifting her off the ground in the process, whips out a switchblade and stabs her with it. We get a couple of fantastic shots of her feet kick when she’s lifted up and when she’s stabbed right before she wakes up from what’s revealed to be a nightmare she was having.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – Her nipples can be seen through her white lace bra when she undresses but we only see her head and feet when she’s attacked and stabbed.


The scene cuts abruptly after one last shot of her feet after she’s stabbed, so I added a 3-second long screenshot to the end of the clip to extend the shot.