Open House


Christina Gallegos is electrocuted.


There’s a cut to two cops responding to a call. They leave when no one answers the door. I removed their scene.


I love the rather novel way he executes her but my favorite part of this scene has always been watching her feet kick and her heels fall off as the killer carries her down the stairs into the basement.


Roxanne Baird is hanged with her own dog chain.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – She’s naked throughout the scene from the Open House part of the clip (I took two scenes from two different flicks. Details under Comments).


There are a few cuts to a few innocuous shots as the killer casually stalks her during her swim. I removed all of them.


This one definitely needs an explanation. This is the only time I’ve ever felt inclined to do anything like this, and I don’t expect to ever do it again, but this clip involves scenes from two different movies: Open House and Black Belt II. Here’s why:

I am not a dominatrix fan, and I have never liked how Roxanne looked in the leather bikini she wore in 1987’s Open House (her character is a dom homeowner who orders her pervert of a Realtor to play her games if he wants her listing). In 1989, she co-starred in a flick called Blackbelt II as some kind of executive for her character’s father. It was her last role before leaving the business. I rented a copy and much enjoyed seeing her in a rather conservative dress (pictured top-elft).

So. I took her introductory scene from Blackbelt II and used it as the pretext for her late-night swim and subsequent hanging from Open House. I like including setup footage for context and am usually a stickler for continunity, but in this case I couldn’t help myself. My fantasies involve smartly dressed career women. I’ve always wished Roxanne had played another Realtor instead of a dom homeowner. This clip represents my wish fulfillment.