Sorority Row


Nikki Moore is stabbed through the chin with what looks like a bladed tire iron.

Fetish Elements

Nudity – The setup and scene take place in a girls’ shower, so there are plenty of bare breasts. Nikki is topless as well, and remains so while overhearing a conversation with three other women. Once the room’s empty, she puts a towel on to investigate a noise and dies while wearing it.


The scene abruptly cuts after the killer yanks his weapon back out of her mouth, so I grabbed the last frame and added to the clip to extend the shot a few more seconds.


As good as this scene is, I often imagine how much better it would’ve been if, setting aside the flick’s intended rating and demographic, the killer had ripped off her towel before stabbing her. Or, better still, if she hadn’t heard anything and was still fully nude while going about her business, unaware of her impending fate, and then stabbed after being taken by surprise.